Listen and Silent are spelt with the same letters

Silent and Listen use the same letters

Coincidence or a learning moment?

Maybe both, as for me when I read this quote, I of course first checked to see if they did us the same letters, come on you know you did too, than I began to reflect on the message.




Silent and listen. To be silent is to not speak, to listen is to not speak. However let’s take it one step further. Often when people are talking, we are planning on what our response will be. A similar story to share, a reaction to their news, a hurry up and finish talking so I can talk.

Silent and listen. Clear your mind, stop the every day chatter and the thinking and planning of what you will say next and simply listen. Be silent in words aloud and in your head. Being present and mindful is to truly listen to each other, hear them more accuatly and on a deeper level where we are not just listening to their words but picking up expressions and body language leading us to better understand what the person is really saying.

Silent and listen. How many of us do this? Try for this week in one conversation to really silence the mind and listen to the whole person. The person you are speaking to will feel heard validated and more connected to you. You will feel as though you truly heard and understood, creating a deeper conversation and connection.

Namaste ♥

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