Hear Me Roar

Reblog from Nurse Kelly….Hear me Roar, listen to your inner voice, go after what you want, you can, one step at a time, go after your dreams let nothing stand in your way

Nurse Kelly

From the archives with love  xo


“Who is king?”

You ask.

But there is silence.

You ask again.


But once again, resounding silence.

  I can see the fear in your eyes… as tears well up in mine.


Do you ever feel like the best parts of you, your greatest strengths, skills, talents, or assets aren’t being seen or recognized anymore? Do you ever fear that you could become irrelevant and you just don’t know what to do about it?

Well, that booming voice I hear is just your ego. And nothing more than a weapon in your fight to stay relevant and important in life. Let’s try to put down our weapons and use some logic instead. Besides, all of that yelling is giving me a headache! And I don’t want you to lose your voice.

There are two types of compliments people seek: those that…

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