How Blogging helped me to ace my University course

How Blogging helped me to ace my

University course



I have been absent from the blogging world for the past few weeks because of a University course I have been taking. The course was a lot more intensive (should have clued in that it would be with the course description being ‘an intensive course) still I was surprised by the amount of reading, responding and essay writing.

I have taken online University courses in the past and always found them gruelling as well. You are expected to read numerous articles a day, write reviews, retells and reflections on each article, plus respond to your classmates’ reviews.

This experience, while still stressful and all-consuming was different in a good unique way. I was able to form my thoughts and responses more quickly. I could skim read the articles, sorry Prof yes I did skim read some of them, to all me to complete the work more efficiently and use my time in a more productive way.

Blogging assisted me in this.

With Blogging you write off of the cuff, you need to have an idea, an opinion and be able to express that idea on a weekly basis. Plus read (skim sometimes) and respond to other blogs and comments.

By utilizing my blogging skills that I developed over the past few months I was more prepared to tackle and ace my University course. Of course when I started blogging I never imagined that it would factor into other areas of my life but I am defiantly thankful it has.

There are so many benefits to starting and writing a blog. I am just beginning to realize some of them and know there are many more.

How has blogging been beneficial to you?

p.s. Am happy to be back in the blogging world ♥

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