Book Review: Son of No One by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Son of No One by Sherrilyn Kenyon

A Dark-Hunter Novel

I have been a huge fan (read huge in Trump voice 😉 ) for years. Her novels are written in series but can also be read as stand alone works.

Kenyon writes fantasy, romance, epic battle, gods and goddess stories with sarcastic, loyal, unique characters who are fierce in battle and in protecting those they love.

Each story has a theme, usually about a demon or half demon, or wrong offspring of a god, finding hope when all has been lost. Finding love when they have never known any.


This novel is about Cade who was rejected at birth and placed in the care of monks until one day while in battle he met his brother (or is it his brother?) who he than began to fight with under the condition that Cade never uses his demon powers  to kill humans. Cade, as per Kenyon story telling, uses his demon powers to protect a woman thus killing humans. His ‘brother’ banishes him to another realm where he must fight for his life daily.

A thousand years later, present day, a very sarcastic, laugh out loud funny woman Jo stumbles into a ‘haunted’ house, falls through a mirror and enters Cade world.

This novel gives you an extra treat at the end by providing a back story of Cade’s birth.

I won’t give any spoilers away. If you are a fan of her novels you will be happy to know that one is being made into a movie, I defiantly want to go and see that. If you have never heard of her work before I suggest you pick up a book, don’t worry about the order you read it in, it does help since some of the names are long and hard to pronounce and you will know the back stories of the characters but its not necessary.

With trying to find a book these past fews weeks that interests me, I am thankful to have picked this one up at a used book store of all places.

What are you guys reading?

4/5 stars would recommend and pass along for others to enjoy 🙂

Happy Reading ♥

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