Why I won’t apologize for having fun while chronically ill

Guest post by The Mighty link found below.

My thoughts

Strong, true powerful article about the reality of managing a chronic illness. How you are judge, you don’t look sick, or if you can do that than you must not be sick, and so forth. As they say don’t judge others until you have walked a mile in their shoes. If I choose and find the strength to go out for coffee, I usually need a nap after. If I do something big like visiting my nephews I need a day off after. But as with some people, no broken bones or bleeding than you must not really be ill. Be ill can be in both physical and mental forms. Who are people to determine who is and is not sick and what sick looks like. Many people I know, including myself, don’t discuss the nap we needed before going out or how we have to plan our week around one simple coffee meetup so we have the energy for it.

Recently in the paper a woman was harassed because she used the handicap parking and didn’t ‘look’ handicap (yes I know as in with everything people abuse this right). She did need the spot, did have a sticker, and the person who yelled at her should have done his homework first.

If you have friends, family, or know someone who is suffering from a physical and/or mental illness ask before you judge. Accept what they say to be true, as it probably is and who are you to say otherwise. We need to have compassion and empathy for all.


Girl sitting on a bench in a parkland wih coaster

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