Yoga Camp Day 6


Yoga Camp Day 6

‘Not about building abs and image but rather support for your body’

First I should admit that I am having one of those days were every little thing i bothering me. Even decided to treat myself, calm my ass down and get my nails done since it has been months, came home and chopped my nails and filed them down. Yep one of those days were I am feeling pissy. I know it is because there is something that my body and/or soul needs that I am not attending to but can’t figure it out. 

Despite all of that…I turned on Day 6 why because I made the promise to myself that I would. And I feel proud that I have accomplished my goal and did something positive for me.

First don’t let the Day 6=6 pack abs things throw you off or make you think no way can I or am I doing this. Adriene does easy intervals do core movements than breaks in between. As always do what works best for you but atleast try, your body and mind will thank you.

Tips for the video;

*Move at your own pace, take breaks to finish the video, don’t give up

*protect your back, neck, keep shoulders down and arms straight

*Adriene briefly uses a yoga block but you can use a soup can, book, anything you find or nothing today up to you

*These moves are great for digestion (may produce gas which is great for you, warning for others around you ;))

*Above all challenge yourself to where it is safe for you. Try to do the extended version of the pose just to see what it feels like than stay with it or move back to what is good for you.

Definatly am not a doctor, so check with yours when doing exercises. 

Type and complete the sentence in the comment section: I am supported..



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