Yoga Camp Day 7

Yoga Camp Day 7: I am capable

Practising mindfulness we create space and build muscle tone.

As with most things in life today as we move into tree and mountain pose remember if you fall just breath and go back into the pose.



*if your mind wanders come back to your breath and focus in on your body alignment

*In standing cat/cow breath through it and don’t rush as you are bending down and than come up to standing. Take your time to avoid head rush

*In the forward fold, one day goal is to reach the ground if that is not for you today than use a prop, the couch, a chair whatever you need

*In forward fold check your wrist width when widening your stance

*In tree pose, when positioning your leg, you can keep toes on the floor, foot to ankle, foot to thigh but not to the knee as your don’t want to injure your knee. Explore different placements on both sides of your body

*can’t reach the floor? can’t balance in tree pose? add the word ‘YET’ to your thinking and keep trying.

Keep going everyone, your doing great! Add to the comment section to cheer each other on.

Type and/or finish the sentence ‘I AM CAPABLE’ cause yes you are!


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