Yoga Camp Day 8


Yoga Camp Day 8

 ‘I Choose’

So  many way to complete this sentence. As we go about our day we get to wonderfully choice everything. For we have the power to make choices, right or wrong, we choose. Such a liberating and huge responsibility once we realize that all of our ‘have too’ are actually our choices. Choose to respond or react. Choose to do something or not. Eat something, go somewhere, we choose whatever it is. It often feels like we have to do things, yet we choose to do all of them. Yes it is a choice to go to work, if you didn’t you won’t get paid, but it is still a choice. Choice to do chores, exercise, see family, etc. All a choice, right or wrong.

Embrace your choice, rejoice in it or learn from it.

Yoga today is about chillaxing, great at end of the day to unwind and take time for you.

Type  “I choose…” in the comment section.

Day 8 feeling great.



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