Am giving myself a timeout today


Have you ever had one of those days or weeks, were every little thing seems harder than it should? Where you get frustrated by the amount of time it takes to log onto your computer, find your clothes, get ready or even swear when you knock something over? Little things that are routine annoyances just seem extra frustrating and directed at you. Of course people in line or in their cars or on transit aren’t (hopefully) being jerks just to annoy you but it feels that way.

When you open a cupboard and things fall out and it leaves you swearing like a sailor and kicking the items, it is time for a time out. When even getting your nails done has you squirming from the amount of time it takes and you leave more stressed than before. We give time out to children why not to ourselves?

Unplug, unwind, un everything. Don’t answer your phone, text, emails any of it. Just take some you time. Whether it be 15min break or a couple hours to settle in with some tunes, a good book or sit on a park bench (mind you the sun and the birds and children playing may annoy you too depending on how irritable your mood is). Watch the clouds go by…

Give yourself space to just be. The top items on your to do list are probably done the others can wait awhile. You need a break and deserve a break.

Why do we feel guilt if we are not permastressed and going non-stop? Reminds me of the movie, Eat, Pray, Love when the Italian man in the barber shop says, ‘you Americans always going, you see a sign that says you need a break and than you may take one. Us Italians see a sign saying you deserve a break and we think, you’re right I do’ Am paraphrasing here but it is a good reference to the pressure we put upon ourselves, the pressure others put on us and society seems to expect from us.

Being mindful is realizing ok, timeout I am losing it over little things, I’m feeling stressed, overwhelmed and have no more to give until I recharged. This is not at all, no way, no how, not even a little bit selfish. By taking care of you, you are better able to take care of others.


So I am giving myself a time out. Sending myself to my room to think of all the big and small things I have accomplished and am proud of. From just simply getting up, getting dressed and facing the day to not getting into a fight with people or inanimate objects.

You have done awesome today, this week, for a long while. So I hope you will allow yourself, with out guilt, to do as I am about to…take some me time. Everything else can wait.





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