Yoga Camp Day 10 (great job staying with it)


Yoga Camp Day 10

Mantra today: I am present

Defiantly needed to repeat the mantra a few times, as I was not in the yoga mood today (which is probably when you need yoga the most). I was contemplating just blogging that I did it, but that is like cheating at solitaire. Only I would know the truth, so what’s the point? Plus always hardest to get started I told myself and even Adriene was saying that if you feel like quitting DON’T, just pause the video, or take child’s pose and keep going.

I am present: What does it mean to be present both physically and mentally?

Poses today

*Cobbler’s Pose

*Child’s pose

*Triangle pose

*Forward fold

If you find yourself getting light headed, come up to half back, and then forward fold and repeat. On your way up to standing bend the legs a couple time to pump the blood. I find this helps with light headedness. As always do what works for you and consult your doc.

*One legged pigeon pose or just Pigeon pose

Pigeon pose is super great for your hips, and once you get used to moving in and out of the pose, it may become one of your favs like it is mine. Be very mindful coming out of it and take time to move your hips, shake them out.

Type or complete the sentence: I am present.

Thanks for joining me today on our 30 day yoga challenge. We can do it. 




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