Book Review: BoyzNite by Xane J Fisher

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Boyz Nite by Xane J Fisher

A 17 page short story written by first time author Xane J Fisher and received in exchange for an honest review.

Being only 17 pages it was a quick read into the mindset of a boy becoming a man and questioning his life and values around him while at a party with his friends.

The short vignette asked the readers to examine the point of the things they do and when and if it is time to move on in their lives. However, I found that the style of the writing and the plot took away from the very important introspection asked of the reader.

The plot is about a drunken party with girls and drugs and swearing and young men trying to be cool. The main character participates, yet as young men do as they near adulthood, he begins to question his life. However, the writing style was not as polished as other novels. The writing style seemed like ‘free writing’ meaning just writing what you think at the moment as though you are speaking to a friend. If this was the intention of the author than it was achieved. However if this is meant to be written work for a larger audience than character and plot development needs to be examined and redefined.

For a first short story, a snippet of time, a vignette, it was interesting. Would be interested in seeing further development with this piece of writing as there is potential here.



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