Yoga Camp Day 11 (You rock!)


Yoga Camp Day 11

Mantra: I release….

I release that which no longer serves me and let it go to be mindful and present.

I release…should a great mantra, what do you release? Tension, stress, an argument from the day, self-doubt, toxic thoughts about todays practise? Say out loud ‘I RELEASE’ and let it go even just for a moment. Give yourself that gift you deserve it.

As Adriene says, ‘let that sh_t go’

Props are used in one part, you can use a block, a ball, a book, anything or nothing. Just not something breathing 😉



Cobbler’s Pose/Reclining Cobbler

3 legged dog


Catus arms

Upwards facing dog

Cow legs

*Complete poses using ‘Lion’s breath’ today meaning loud long exhale feels good.

*What does it mean to ‘send your breath to a part of your body’? It means to send your thoughts and energy to an area that is sore. To be mindful of the feeling and sit with in it as you relax yourself and realize it’s not so bad. (Good to do in other areas of your life )

For myself I had a stressful day and my body was tense as I drummed up the energy to honor my commitment to Yoga Camp. I found today to help me with my toxic thoughts having the radio on low (so I could still hear Adriene) helped and keeping my eyes closed through most of it allowed me to not think as much and just feel.

Was tight as well, stress, so modified poses to suit my needs today. Worked with where I am at, my practise and my body. No giving up just being mindful.

Share below how your practise is going.

Complete the sentence: I release….




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