Yoga Camp Day 12 (short video today very zen, you can do it )

Yoga Camp Day 12

Mantra: I trust….

I trust myself, I trust that I am strong enough and can handle each day as it comes, I trust… How would you finish this sentence?

Today it is pouring rain outside, which helped to calm my mind as I did the quick 20min yoga camp video. Short one today, all about just trying new balancing poses and seeing if you are the type of person when you fall out of a pose to try again or to give up. Keep trying and know that you are building your practise so just try and accept where you are at.

Trust your intuition, listen to your body and develop your practise.


Mountain pose (Jennifer Aniston’s fav pose)

Moving from Warrior 1 (arms over head, hips centered), to humble warrior, to warrior 2 (arms out stretched). Try to use just your core moving between the poses as you lift yourself up out of humble warrior.

Frog pose leads to arm balancing. Play around see if you can lift one foot up in a crouched position, than both arms, maybe even for a couple seconds lift both feet up. See how it feels and find where you are at today. No rush to get to perfect.

Very chillax video that has you tune into your body and test your abilities in a gentle way. I may even do it twice, since it was more of a create your own yoga adventure today.

What do you think of the video?

I trust that everything is as it should be. For me this is right here, right now. Of course I wish things on the grander scale were different but being mindful I trust that I am where I am suppose to be in this moment.

Thanks for keeping up with the yoga camp, great to do this with others.

Write in the comment section I trust or complete the sentence or share how this is going for you.



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