Yoga Camp Day 13: Gentle yoga today

Yoga Camp Day 13

Mantra: I deserve

Came home after having a very crazy, stressful, confusing 5 hours at the hospital, with no one really telling me what was going on just ordering more blood work and tests. Gee thanks cause not knowing doesn’t cause my overactive imagination to dream up the worst and than want to google. (thankfully so far resisited googling). Instead turned on yoga right away. Funny how when I am stressed out, going super slow today in yoga was driving me crazy. But I guess that’s the point right? To stop breathe and let go and just be in the moment. I tried and even after scary day I did day 13 so feeling good about that. Sometimes when things seem totally out of our control having something, just one thing we can control or feel proud about helps a lot. I think I would still be freaking out if I didn’t have this yoga camp challenge to complete for today. So thank you yoga camp and to those who are doing it with me, you gave me purpose and a moment to breathe.


One downward dog so play around, can your heels go lower, draw shoulder blades back, hips back.

Clobbler’s pose

star pose

and pretty much stretching and loosing up sore areas.

I deserve to find  peace, let go of today since it is out of my control for now.

What do you deserve? Share below.

Namaste friends. Hope your day was a good one.




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