Yoga Camp Day 14 (yes you can)

Yoga Camp Day 14

Mantra: Go with the Flow

Not ‘feeling’ yoga today just spent busy active day playing with my nephews. But made a choice to head to yoga camp soon as I got home (before I got comfy on the couch). Stay with it, it gets hard around this point to keep going but you are doing this for you and you deserve it.

Resist the urge to fast forward through the video, pretend you are in a class or tell yourself that if you do you will have to redo the entire video, what ever works for you, go with the flow.



standing and seated forward fold

bunny pose

some balancing poses while toning your butt

focus on legs and butt today 🙂

Choose your own flows, listen to your body, let go of before and after and give yourself this half hour to ‘go with the flow’

How are you finding yoga camp? Challenging? Easy? Sticking with it?

Let’s keep doing this together and motivating each other.





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