Yoga Camp Day 15 (half way mark whohoo)

Yoga Camp Day 15 YES!

Mantra: I am open

I am open to possibilities, I am open minded and have an open heart, I am open with myself and others. Complete the mantra….

‘A little touch goes a long way’ says Adriene. Adjust, tune in by paying attention to your body and thoughts today. Don’t understand a pose o what a phrase means? Don’t give up. Pause the video, try it your own way, be open to learning something new.

For me today feeling crazy tight in the forward folds but strangely enjoyed the triangle poses, usually it is the opposite for me. It was like Adriene somehow knew when she talked about rushing through poses, I was totally doing it.




all fours/table top

warrior one, plank, forward fold, cobra, down dog flow

Triangle pose: 1. one hand down on the floor placed on the inside of the foot, while opposite arm is extended, shoulders and hips are aligned. Version 2: grab a block, books, something solid and try placing your hand that was on the floor onto the block and than raising the other arm up.

Remember in balancing poses if you fall out of the pose 10 times, try 11 times.

We made it today 15 whohoo big pat on the back. If you have missed a day or two, start here with us today, go back and do them in order, its up to you and your practise. I have a friend who has not started because she missed day one and keeps telling me that she wants to do the yoga camp but needs to find time to do day 1, now day 15 and she feels so far behind. Silly woman, it is your practise, just start somewhere and see what happens. Some days are easier than others. Do them in order, out of order, don’t give up on yourself.

Namaste everyone 🙂







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