Mindful Moment

I was headed to a stressful appointment and as I waited for transit with a group of others my mind was not thinking very positive thoughts. Didn’t want to go, frustrated with waiting, all of it.

While waiting a homeless man came and approached each one of us asking for money. Everyone said that they didn’t have any. As he went to speak to someone else, suddenly, I swear it was not there moments before, on the ground in front of me was $5 bill just sitting there. I picked it up.

I had three choices: keep it, ask the man if it was his or give it to the homeless man.

I asked the man if it was his, he wasn’t sure before he could say yes or no a look of agreement past between us and I went up to the homeless man and gave it to him. He was so grateful.

I don’t know where the money came from as it was not there mere moments before. Yet it arrived at the perfect time and each of us was rewarded by helping each other.

This moment stayed with me all day, as I cried, got angry, irritated, scared all of it. Because even when I had tears in my eyes, I encountered kind strangers who just with a kind word or smile who helped me find a moment of peace.

I believe that the money came when it was needed. For the homeless man who needed the money and for myself who needed the reminder to look for signs around me of opportunities to see the good in things.

Don’t miss out on the signs around you, the gentle guidance of the universe tugging at you, especially when you need it the most.

Did anyone make your day a little brighter? Did you help someone too? We are all connected to each other. Look for the moments.

3 thoughts on “Mindful Moment

  1. What a beautiful moment. Makes me feel sure in my heart that there are other powers at work. I don’t know what your faith is, or if you have any (so I don’t want to offend), but when I read something like this it makes me smile. Thank you for sharing,

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