Yoga Camp Day 18: I surrender

Yoga Camp Day 18

Mantra: I surrender

Oh how challenging this mantra is day to day. To surrender to what is rather than fight against how you wish things were. I have been struggling with this, yep fell off of the mindfulness band wagon for a bit. Wishing that my life was different, woke up today in a mood, buzzing around my place, not doing anything productive but crazy stressed over it all. Wanted things to be different, be the way I think they should be. Finally after awhile, I was even annoyed at myself and had to ‘surrender’ that today is today. I can do what I can do, but toxic thoughts are not going to help me at any stage. So on went the yoga video and for the first time, I did give over to the video and cleared my mind and just well…surrendered. Every day you have to choose, when you find yourself spinning, watch your thoughts, and let go of what you think things should be and accept what is than work from there.

Not easy but even moment of peace if worth it. Give yourself time for a solid breath in and out today.


Don’tforece yourself into a ‘perfect’ shape, listen to your body.


table top/al fours

wide angle pose (standing forward fold pose)

mountain pose

reversed Namaste


How are you finding the poses? Are you testing yourself to see if you can extend the pose? Noticing how each day your body can respond differently? Stay with the practice it will be so worth it, it already is.

Is anyone learning the Sanskrit names for the poses?

Namaste till tomorrow…




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