Mindful Moment



5 thoughts on “Mindful Moment

    1. Yes. 👏🏾 So true. Want can really become very costly–especially when it replaces essential needs. I wrote a poem called “The Want Knot” about our excessively damaging need to want. The media promotes a society obsessed with wants, while at the same time playing down, glossing over, and ignoring vital needs. Smh 🙄

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      1. Your comment is filled with such compassion. I appreciate you sharing it.
        People have lost focus on their priorities in life which has resulted in substantial IMBALANCES. Introspection can be a wonderful starting place to rebalance one’s life. Although satisfying needs doesn’t elicit great emotions, it provides the foundation upon which wants can be achieved. People need to respect the PROCESS vs the need for immediate gratification.

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