Yoga Camp Day 20: I am worthy

Yoga Camp Day 20 I am worthy

I am worthy. Hard one for me to say out loud and believe deep inside its been a rough few days so this mantra is needed as a reminder. I am worthy. What am I worthy of? Does it matter? Is just being worthy enough? I think so. I’ll figure out the rest later, just accept that I am worthy.

‘Find a moment of stillness today’ Adriene


Don’t do yoga right after you have breakfast, learned that today lol

Can use a block, blanket, book or nothing

I found today that I needed to watch the video a bit more so I could understand how she wanted me to move. Not traditional poses today. Which is great cause it keeps you paying attention.

Hip openers and shoulders focus today. I found I was definatly more tight on left side, so go with the flow of your own flexibility and don’t push it. You want to feel the stretch but no pain.

Nasal breathing at the beginning. I learned this in a previous yoga class and use it every morning. Find you really get a deep breath and makes you focus on taking air in and out. Praia breathing. (need to check the sandshrit spelling and word anyone know how to spell it?)

Enjoy day my friends. Feeling good starting today with yoga.




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