What you say to yourself matters

Guest Post from Tiffany Being Free: What you say to yourself matters

unfiltered from the heart

Take a moment to think back over the last day. If you can, write down a few things that you have repeatedly told yourself about yourself. Is what you are saying to yourself something you would say to a loved one? If it isn’t, let’s talk a little bit more, shall we?

Often as children we were raised by caregivers who tried to motivate us to be better people by “talking down to us.” Harsh judgments were probably doled out more than kisses on tear-stained cheeks.

In our tender youth, we believed what these caregivers told us about ourselves. We believed them. We accepted what they said, and we internalized it. While our caregivers may have passed on or are no longer saying such harsh things to us, we play their voices back in our heads – sometimes we can recall the incidents and the person, sometimes we’ve just carried…

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