Why do hospital gowns open at the back?

Image result for pic of hospital gown

Love that this image comes with instructions. I am usually at step 1 and 2,

never offered step 3 and 4. 

After a scary trip to the emergency room and being admitted to the urgent care unit I was, as everyone is required to, asked to put on a hospital gown. I was wearing leggings and was freezing cold at this time so I opted to leave my leggings on. Of course this was quickly changed as I was ordered to take them off and just have the flimsy gown which even when using the string ties does not cover your bum.

Why do they open to the back?

I understand that in emergency, clothes are cut off of a person and when you are in the hospital they need to get help to you as quickly as possible.

However, if most of my major organs are located in the front, than why have my bum exposed? Why do they need easy access to my bum?

As I was in urgent care, being rushed from test to test with my bum hanging out, thankfully I had some medication through an IV that made me less self-conscience than I normally would have been when mooning strangers (not something I have ever voluntrily done before, don’t really want to but have seen guys moon people, not sure of the appeal).

As the day led into night and I was still there and they were talking about admitting me, I began to ask doctors, nurses and technician about the gown issue. Hey, there is not much to do as you lay in a hospital bed, other than people watch, so I asked.

One answer was because of modesty. Ok I can see how having your bum exposed is better than having your chest and privates on view.  But why do we have to chose one over the other?

I think hospital gowns should be like a house coat. You can tie it on in the front, bum and all other sensitve areas covered, yet when/if an emergency should happen, the doctor just undoes the tie in the front and bam easy access to major organs. Instead, if someone passes out, they will spend time trying to move the gown out of the way.

Who invented the hospital gown and why does it open to the back (yes I know that you can ask for another gown, to wear as a housecoat, but doesn’t this just defeat the whole purpose of why you got changed?

The hospital gown, for now will be a forever mystery to me, unfortunatly or fortunatly depending on who you ask my bum is no longer a mystery to those at the hospital this week.

Does anyone know medically why they open to the back and not to the front?


One thought on “Why do hospital gowns open at the back?

  1. I think it’s ridiculous if you ask me…you could just as easily have one now that velcros closed and open. Seriously…this is something that has never made sense to me. When I go to the hospital, they’ve allowed me to do the double way like the diagram, too.
    Nice argument! Thanks for bringing this up! 🙌


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