How to ignite National panic?…. just ask Donald Trump


How to ignite National panic? ….. just ask Donald Trump

Donald Trump walked into a crowded room in Colorado on Saturday night and declared: “Just before I got off the plane, a bomb went off in New York and nobody knows exactly what’s going on,”

The police had not issues a statement. Little was known about the why, where or motive. International terror? Domestic terror? Random insane person targeting someone, as they set off the bomb by a dumpster away from major locations.

Thankfully no one died. 29 people were injured though and many were brought back 15 years in time to the horrific 9/11 twin towers terrorist attack. NYC is under a high alert watch. Police do not think that it is a form of International terrorism.

Should a potential future American President walk into a crowded room, with little facts that a bomb just went off? That is like going into a movie theatre and yelling, ‘fire’. Both words and statements are used to shock, spread fear, create uncertainty and panic.

Why would Trump think, perhaps that is the bottom line behind all of this he didn’t think, that saying that to a large crowd would be beneficial in any way? Let alone presidential. He is like a little kid who wants to be the first to tell the juicy gossip. But at what cost?

Saturday night’s bombing on 23rd street in New York brought questions of experience and temperament to the fore in the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, after the Republican seized on the explosion to argue the US is in peril.’ The Guardian 


Clinton and Trump reactions to New York bombing prompt fierce debate

The Trump campaign has not said whether the businessman received information privately from New York officials or was speculating without evidence. In contrast, Clinton did what most officials do after an uncertain and dangerous incident: urge caution and patience for conclusions from police.

“I think it’s important to know the facts about any incident like this,” she told reporters on her campaign plane. “That’s why it’s critical to support the first responders, the investigators who are looking into it trying to determine what did happen.

“I think it’s also wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened.”

Two hours after Trump’s remarks, New York mayor Bill de Blasio described the bombing, which injured 29 people, as “an intentional act”. But de Blasio, NYPD commissioner James O’Neill and Governor Andrew Cuomo all stressed on Sunday that they have not found evidence so far of any link to international terrorism and are considering any suspect and motive.

His ally Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, was markedly more cautious “You don’t want to jump to conclusions,” he added. “And you don’t want to put information out there that you don’t know is absolutely true.”

The site of the explosion in Manhattan.

Most news networks were careful to say that police did not know the cause of the explosion at the time. 



How did Trump speaking out help the American people? I am sure that especially in this day and age with media word was spreading fast about the bomb and people being rushed to the hospital. Firsthand accounts were being recorded on camera as the media lined up to film the site. Police officers who quickly responded were there to diffuse the scene and search for other possible weapons. Which they ended up finding a pressure cooker bomb, similar to the one used in the Boston Marathon not detonated. Intel was being passed through the channels, date, information and evidence was being collect. A promise of updates to be released. The police, government and media were all reporting, yet with caution reminding viewers that they were still getting information and the reasons were yet unknown. This is done to reduce mass panic. Reassure people that the situation is under control.


Yet one man gets off of his luxury jet, walks into a crowed room and tells everyone that a bomb went off in NYC. This accomplishes nothing. This statement serves no one. It is not presidential. This is a little boy wanting to be the first one to share the gossip, despite the enormous consequences of his actions.

On Sunday Trump only acknowledged the bombing only with a tweet, writing: “I would like to express my warmest regards, best wishes and condolences to all of the families and victims of the horrible bombing in NYC.”

Warmest regards and best wishes? Strange statement to make after a bombing.


Throughout his campaign, Trump has spoken of America in almost dystopian terms, describing it – often with false or misleading statements – as a “divided crime scene” where refugees are a “Trojan horse” for terrorism, police are endangered and murder and unemployment on the rise.

He has also reacted in unpredictable ways in the aftermath of horrific events, for instance after the mass shooting in Orlando in June, when he thanked people for “the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism”.

Trump promises to “get tough” after NYC explosion. Get tough how? 

Is this the next President of the United States?

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