aAlicia Machados message on weight and beauty


Check out the video, only 4mins long but a great discussion topic


At the end of the first Presidential Debate between Trump and Clinton on Monday night, Clinton brought up the Miss Universe pageant, which Trump owns and a former Miss Universe, Alicia Machados. Trump had criticized her for gaining weight, called her Miss Piggy and even publicly created a weight loss routine with her, having the media film her exercising.

Today I came across this video from 1997, an interview by CBS with Trump and Machados. Trump says, ‘She had some problems with weight gain’. Machados interrupts him and says no. I love how powerful her voice and conviction is. Saying I am beautiful whether I am 20 pounds heavier or not. The pageant wanted to fire her for gaining weight.

The main topic in the interview that was asked of viewers was if pageant contestants should have to maintain their weight during the year that they hold the title.

Machados, clearly and confidently spoke up for herself. Her comments were ignored by both the interviewer and Trump. However, good for her for speaking her mind and saying how she feels.

Do you think that people who win contest based on looks should than have to maintain that look for the amount of time they are under contract?

Either way, am always impressed and happy when someone is comfortable with who they are and can proudly say it and own it.




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