Would you start to use the word ‘zhe’ instead of he or she?

Would you start to use the word ‘zhe’

instead of he or she?

Reported by Postmedia Network: ‘Bill C-16, a legislation that would amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code to add gender identify and expression as prohibited forms of discrimination’

The Bill, passed the first reading in the house, was introduced by Trudeau as a way to protect those identifying themselves as transgender or non-binary.

I, personally am confused by Bill C-16. What does it mean? How does saying ‘zhe’ protect people? If you call someone ‘zhe’ doesn’t that single them out as being different? How would you know to call them ‘zhe’ unless the person self-identifies?

I understand changes to public bathrooms and calling a person by whatever gender they identify with. Even asking first what they would like to be called if unsure is said to be appropriate.

But legislating that ‘zhe’ has to be used how does this work and does it really help?

What happens if you misuse the word? If you don’t or do call someone ‘zhe’?. Should we all just call everyone ‘zhe’ just in case?

I think changes need to be made and have been seeing a growing consensus that people should be who they want to be. However, adding this new word to a Bill and making it law, could be a slippery and confusing slope.

How would one know to use it and what happens if they do or don’t?

What do you think?

Check out the link below for students who are FOR using the word ‘zhe’


There is also an article written by a professor AGAINST.

What are your thoughts?


3 thoughts on “Would you start to use the word ‘zhe’ instead of he or she?

  1. I think we sometimes forget the bigger more important issues in life that truly affect the quality of people’s lives. My comment is not intended to minimize the relevancy of ANY gender preference, but rather to qualify the hierarchy of subject matter causing harm to the world we live in.


  2. I just don’t understand the power of zhe: if it’s supposed to prevent offense, then great, but I think most of the time people aren’t trying to offend someone by calling them she or he. It’s a pronoun. There’s always the option of asking for a name! I just don’t get why so much has to change in order for things to stay equal. Isn’t the whole point to draw attention away rather than bringing more attention to the issue?
    But that’s my opinion, and in the famous words of a Dennis Miller rant from the early 90s…I could be wrong.


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