Mindful Moment

Question of the day:

‘Would you rather hurt or feel nothing at all?’

For someone with a chronic illness, daily pain is a given. For someone who has been fortunate to be healthy most of their lives, they do not know the ongoing personal struggle of daily pain.

So from different view points comes different answers.

Would you rather hurt and feel love, joy, sadness, happiness, and all other emotions or be relieved of pain but feel nothing at all forever?

For someone who is going through a heart break, a loss they may answer one way. For someone who has never had a death in their family they may answer another way.

For me, at first I answered I would rather feel nothing at all. Than I began to think of all of the positive emotions I would be giving up. I realized that I will take the pain for a moment of joy. I will take the rain for a rainbow.

What would you do? This tells a lot about your perspectives and where you are at in your life today.

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