Do Millennials Need ‘Adulting School’

Shutterstock We’re going to start this one real slow for everyone whose head is already throbbing just from reading the headline: Millennials, currently the most reviled generation for reasons that have yet to become truly apparent (but are becoming more and more clear), just got a new school in Portland, Maine. Unlike other schools —…

via No, Millennials, You Actually Don’t Need ‘Adulting School’ — Real Stories – UPROXX

Interesting article about how Millennia’s after leaving high school don’t have the basic skills ie. laundry, doing dishes, paying bills, cooking, cleaning etc. An actual school (who is paying for this?!) has emerged where young adults can go and learn these skills.

One the one hand knowledge is power, so the more you know the better off you will be. Maybe some people were never raised with these skills for whatever reason and are responsibly taking it upon themselves to actively learn life skills. I think that is great. If this is needed for you to success in life than grab every opportunity you can.

On the other hand, it has to be asked: why does this generation not know these skills? Why are parents speaking and fighting their children’s battles more often? Even calling Universities or employers to ask why their child got a low grade or why weren’t they hired. This type of parenting is not healthy and does not help anyone. I see it more and more often, little Johnny can’t come in second, there must be no winners and losers because it will hurt his feelings. But what happens in the real world when there are set backs? Will little Johnny be prepared if he has been told his whole life that he is special and can succeed at anything?

Parents it is ok if your child stumbles, has a hard time with something, even fails at something. Because there is a lesson to be learned. It is not what happened it is how you deal with it.

Do you keep trying, keep believing in yourself that you can or do you give up, never learn and wait for someone else to come along and fix it? If you are in the latter group than I hope you seek out this new school, learn new skills but mostly learn that life will have challenges and that you can face them and overcome them on your own as an adult.

What do you think? Is there really that big of a difference in the generations? Whose responsibility is it?




5 thoughts on “Do Millennials Need ‘Adulting School’

  1. There is a HUGE difference in the generation. I’m from the forgotten Generation X. I teach millennials at a community college and have taught them at a major university. Their parents call. They fight their battles. They don’t want them to fail or feel hurt. I believe it is 100% the parents doing. Who else could be to blame?

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      1. My husband and I talk about this a lot. I really think it’s a common thing that happens. One generation hates how their parents made them fend for themselves and showed no love, so when they have kids, they overdo it. I’m kind of looking forward to seeing how millennials will raise their own children.

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      2. I agree we tend to go to far in one direction and than the other. As a teacher I have definatly seen the shift over the years, and the current parent model I think is not the best for the kids in the future. Did you see the past Survivor they did Gen X vs Millennials.. First task build a shelter Gen X built shelter,Millennials played in the water…lol

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