Would you write an honest review if you had to include a selfie? Would a picture affect your opinion of the review?

Selfies are complicated things. They can be an act of ego, an attempt to boost self-esteem, a way to authenticate that you were really there at a historic moment, or that you met a very important person. That said, it can also be, depending on where you are and what you’re doing, just a wee…

via Yelp Is Now Encouraging Their Users To Take Selfies When They Write Reviews — Real Stories – UPROXX

Interesting article that makes me wonder about reviews. I write reviews and often will read reviews pro and con before making purchases, going to see a movie, buying a new book, staying at a hotel or resort, etc.

I like and trust the honest reviews, not the glowing reviews but the ones that say yes it is good and here are some things I wish were better…why? because not everything can be 5 star there is always room to improve in all aspects of our lives and that goes for consumer products as well.

Yet as I read this article I wonder how many people would write an honest review, less than 5 star, if you had to include your picture with it?

Often on Facebook, twitter, articles with comment sections many people comment, sometimes, well let’s be real, often, leads to a disagreement which leads to school yard arguments ‘no your stupid, no you are’ and than down grade from there.

As a reviewer I don’t want to put my picture up with my review. Why? Because one I think the review should be, well about the review itself not about my picture. And two I want to make sure I am doing what the author and fellow readers have entrusted me to do…WRITE AN HONEST REVIEW.

I can’t write an honest review if I am worried about someone coming after me personally verbally or physically (which has happened where chefs come after customers, people stoop to criticising the person’s looks or intelligence because they don’t like the review).

To me if a friend as for a review, an honest review I feel a lot of pressure how I will respond, worried about their feelings and our friendship. If I review a restaurant but go bck to that place with friends later I don’t want to feel stared at or having anything say, ‘put’ into my food.

Reviews, for me, honest reviews, should be faceless and nameless. People are coming to read about the product not about the person.

What do you think? Do you write reviews? Would you add your picture? Would a picture affect your opinion of the review?



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