‘Write For Rights’ is an annual campaign launched twelve years ago by the British non-governmental organization Amnesty International which advocates for human rights all around the world. It aims at bringing justice by contacting political leaders and prisoners jailed for speaking out. It consists in a one-month (December) letter-writing marathon

Write for Rights 2014 stampduring which people pen letters to both party. You are encouraged to choose at least two people to write to by the means you prefer such as social media, a blog or a letter, and to get in touch with a leader that can help them out (you can find templates for letters to governments here). Over the years, releases have been made possible thank to the pressure put by citizens around the world through their letters. This experience also enables to put human connection at the center of our interest.

So let’s go, share away your letters!

You can find more details about the campaign here.


An interesting campaign by Amnesty International to raise awareness and encourage citizens to become more politically involved in their countries.

Who would you write a letter too?

I am  still deciding so stay tuned.

To read Giulia’s letter to Edward Snowden check out her page The Highheeled Papergirl


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