Meditation and Pain

Before I go and lay down, nurse my scar battled heart and soul I wanted to share with everyone how meditation has helped save my sanity and endure pain these past couple of weeks.

Today I went to see a neurologist and he did a series of reflex test. Well  I guess I didn’t pass as he called in the big leagues. Was told to put on a gown (again why do they open at the back? With no more info than ‘further testing’ this worried me). A woman comes in with a chart, monitor and electrodes and a bowl of water. I eye it all suspiciously and ask her ‘is this going to hurt?’ ‘Yes’ was her very distinct reply. Oh goody must be Tuesday.

She began to administer electric shock to my arms and legs to get the nerves to respond. Marking my arm, dipping the wire in water and than applying it to a pressure point. Ok not to bad, than she cranked the nob and upped the power.

I began doing a breathing calming meditation with a mantra to relax my body, my pounding heart and to resist the urge to get the hell out of the room (bum exposed gown and all).

The test continued.. yet not as bad. I had controlled my breathing, used visualization to imagine being in a happier place.

The breathing meditation helped when they stuck needles in parts of my body asking ‘does this hurt’.

Seriously all of this was done in a hospital with a trained doctor and is routine.You would think this was some type of torture story I was retelling.  Best part I get to come back for another 3 hour torture  I mean test.

Last week I had another doctor jam 3 needles into my spine to collect spinal fluid followed up by a rush to the emergency room a couple days later as the site never healed and I was leaking spinal fluid…more needles into the spine for a blood patch. Over extremely traumatizing.

Couple weeks before they drilled into my bone with me awake.

Ya its been a fun few weeks, just walking by a hospital can cause me to shake.

But why mention these things? Well cause they sucked and I need to vent but to go back to the title…

I survived all of these brutal tests by returning to my breath, reciting a mantra, and through meditation, before, after and during.

Not everyone’s life has this type of pain in it but my extreme and sadly true examples demonstrates how meditation is an invaluable tool that can be used any where and every where for various reasons and lengths of time. Take the image of the cross legged person sitting and not having any thoughts as they meditate out of your head. Make it work for you. Trust me you will be grateful you did when you need it the most.

Namaste my friends.



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