Achieving the goal of a clean and relaxing home-part 1

A clean home brings about peace and contentment. Yet with our busy lives often chores can be missed or put off till later.

The tips below are great and even the book ‘The art of Tidying Up’ gives great advice.

How to start though? It can all feel so overwhelming…

For me, as I look around sitting here in my pjs I have decided that with the holidays I am too stressed out and don’t need to add extra stress. So I am going to hire a professional cleaner to kick start my journey. They can clean the much needed areas and than I will have time t tackle to clutter (keep, throw out, donate).

Start with a plan, one goal, one room or even one area. Don’t just move things around but take time to sort them. I am sure you don’t need half of what you have and giving to other is always a great thing.

Be realistic and be proud of what you have done. Don’t think I have so much more to do I have barely done anything. Literally stop, look around at the area you tackled and give yourself a pat on the back. You did it! This will help to motivate and encourage you to keep going.

I’ll be working on my place as part of my new years clean up-body, mind and space.

Let me know how your goes and any tips for me such as cleaning products you use…



When you think about having a home that you’re proud of, you probably almost always will think about how it looks. And that’s okay because we all do. How our home looks is hugely important to us. It can often be the sole decider for how happy we are in it. But it doesn’t have […] […]

via A Clean Home Is A Healthy Home And Here’s How To Achieve It — lifewithlilred — Living Out Loud


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