PC gone to far? Steve Martin honors or insults Carrie Fisher on Twitter..

Steve Martin Deletes Carrie Fisher Tribute After Backlash

Steve Martin’s tribute to the late Carrie Fisher did not sit well with some.The actor tweeted about Fisher, whom he called a friend, following the news that the “Star Wars” actress died Tuesday after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles last week.

© Twitter New York Magazine noted that Martin’s tweet focused on her physicality, rather than her talents. The actor ultimately deleted the tweet following the backlash.

While some thought criticism of Martin was unjustified, others said Fisher ― a staunch feminist who spoke out against the objectification of women throughout her career ― wouldn’t have paid any mind to the “whiny dudes” getting mad over the clap-backs.

@Huffinton Post
I can’t believe that there is any backlash over this. He lovingly honored his friend by commenting on her beauty and brains. Why do we have to critize and find darkness in someone’s memories?
Honoring someone’s death is personal and does not need to be analayed by others. 
Who in the world knows what Carrie would have thought or said. Why in the world is New York Magazie even getting involved?
How far does Political Correctness go?  How far as a society are we going to let it go? 
What are your thoughts?

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