Welcome to the

Holistic Mindfulness

Living site friends.


I am a curious person by nature who enjoys learning about life, through books, people and experiences.

I am a certified Life Coach and Nutritionist who enjoys empowering others to live the life they imagined through skills, strategies, practising mindfulness, guidance and setting and achieving goals. Please contact for more information.

I am also a teacher, a yogi, an avid reader, baker, and a life long learner.

I will be blogging about many topics of interest, about the courses I am taking to allow me to further enhance my life coach skills and to enrich my life. Definite passion for reading. I enjoy yoga, meditation, and seek to practise mindfulness through the day.


I hope you enjoy my site as I blog about my experiences, reviews, offer tips, skills and strategies to others. I truly enjoy learning from and helping others so feel free to ask questions or make comments and I will respond to you.

Sit back, read, comment, enjoy friends.

Welcome to Mindfulness Living.




31 thoughts on “

  1. These are the aspects of life so many people are searching to fill. You offer the world options that motivate and inspire personal growth and development. I wish you much success with your blog site.

    FYI – You may want to edit the tab “Inspiration.” You spelled it, “Inspirtation.”

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  2. I’m not sure if it’s me – when I click on any of the categories to access your blog pages, it always goes back to your home page. I’m really sorry I’ve not been able to access/comment on your posts.. xx

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      1. Have other people been able to access the different categories and have you made posts in them? It’s a bit of trial and error for sure when you first start out – it gets easier so don’t despair.. xx

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